About us


With great pleasure and pride, we would like to present ourselves as a family run company, that has been producing various kinds of springs, since 1970. This list includes: extension, torsion and compression springs made from different materials and special alloys.

We managed to achieve the highest quality of our products by using modern production facilities and possesing our private workplace. Our co-operation with acknowledged and qualified experts in this field is also of major importance.

The close co-operation makes special production orders possible. These may be subjected to us in the form of samples, drawings or unfinished products. Production flexibility is not restricted in terms of batch size(small quantities).

To name a few important industries. Our products are used in the automotive and electromechanical industries. The list of our clients also includes large wholesalers, dealing with technical goods.

We established ourselves as a trustworthy partner with short delivery times and technical servicing. The long-term strategy of our company points out excellent development possibilites in the future as well.

We produce all our products with modern CNC technology.



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